Education & Skills

Alongside developing career pathways in sectors requiring vocational and academic education, Greater Manchester is preparing young people for careers in new innovative industries such as low carbon industries, advanced manufacturing, creative and digital industries, health and life sciences, and engineering.

There are 85,000 students aged 18 and over in Manchester.

Manchester has four Universities: Manchester, UMIST, Manchester Met, and Salford. There are also another 14 Universities and higher education institutions in surrounding areas, making the total population of students within an hour’s drive of Manchester almost 350,000.


Student Population is 107,000 of which 9,000 attend college/university within Oldham

43% of the population have a Degree, Diploma A/AS Level or Apprenticeship Occupations in Oldham: Elementary & Skilled Trades 26.5%, Professional 13.0%, Administrative and secretarial 22.9%, Associate professional and technical 10.5%, Caring, leisure and other service 10.3%, Process, plant and machine operatives 9.7%, Managers, directors and senior officials 9.2%, Sales and customer service 9.2%.

Oldham Council